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Chef's Plate - Butter Chicken Tacos

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Company: Chef's Plate
Service: Weekly meal plans

I was recently contacted by Christina from Chef's Plate to see if I wanted to try out their food service and review my experience. I gladly accepted her offer because I've seen many images on Instagram of people's meals from Chef's Plate and I thought it was a really cool concept.

Chef's Plate offers fresh pre-portioned ingredients and amazing recipes that are delivered weekly in a refrigerated box straight to your home. Every week they offer 6 new recipes that you can choose from which is great if you like to try a variety of different dishes.

Recipe Card (front & back)

This Butter Chicken Tacos recipe was foolproof and had images along with an easy step by step guide. What I really liked about the recipe card was that it tells you the level of difficulty, a little background of the dish and a cooking tip. Don't throw out these recipe cards because they're perfect to collect and create a recipe book!

All ingredients for recipe
Not only was the recipe extremely easy to follow, I loved how all the ingredients were pre-portioned and labeled, cutting down the total preparation/cooking time!

Chicken tenders, jalapeno, garlic,
lime zest, yellow onion and lime
Simply wash and chop up all the ingredients as directed in the recipe card.
 Final Result!
I was so surprised at how delicious and easy this dish was, not to mention I had a lot of fun making it! The spice mix for the chicken was very flavourful and the jalapeno raita sauce on top added a light and refreshing touch. A few things I'd like to comment on was that I needed to add some salt to the butter chicken and I didn't find the jalapenos to have any heat so I loaded my tacos with more jalapeno after the picture. Other than those minor adjustments, I was happy with how the dish turned out. It's awesome how you can achieve a complex dish like this in 30 minutes or less. Overall, I really enjoyed the tacos and I can't wait to try out the next dish tomorrow! 

If you want to try out these delicious recipes, sign up at using my code #FOODIELOVE and get 3 FREE PLATES off your first order (& free shipping Ontario wide) when you checkout! 

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