Name: Haleiwa Joe's (Haiku Gardens) Location:  46-336 Haiku Rd, Kaneohe Cuisine: Hawaiian, Seafood Website:

Haleiwa Joe's (Haiku Gardens)

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Name: Haleiwa Joe's (Haiku Gardens)
Location: 46-336 Haiku Rd, Kaneohe
Cuisine: Hawaiian, Seafood
Rating: 5/5

From all our dining experiences in Toronto and abroad, we have never come across a restaurant that offered mouth-watering dishes and a spectacular view that took our breaths away. The only restaurant that provided both of those amazing qualities was Haleiwa Joe's at Haiku Gardens.

Haleiwa Joe's offers a mix of Hawaiian and Asian cuisines and currently has two locations, with the original restaurant located in North Shore. Both restaurants are very famous for their outstanding scenic views and high quality dishes.

Last year when Kevin and I visited Oahu, we weren't able to dine at Haleiwa Joe's because the wait time was over 2 hours long, but this year we made sure to visit the restaurant no matter how long the wait would be. Luckily for us, we got there before the crowds of people and were seated within 10 minutes.

Haiku Gardens

Before we got to our seats, we didn't expect such a breathtaking view or any view at all. Our table was directly facing the Haiku Gardens that showcased beautiful lush plants and a koi pond, and not too far out was the majestic Ko'olau mountain range. Since the restaurant had a covered patio, it allowed for a cool breeze to fill the place. Just sitting in front of the beautiful garden made us feel very happy and at peace. [This picture doesn't do it justice!]

Black & Blue Ahi ($14.95)
Blackened ahi shashimi chilled with wasabi
ranch dipping sauce and pickled ginger

For our first appetizer, we ordered the Black & Blue Ahi. The ahi looked incredibly gorgeous with a ruby red colour. It was so fresh that the slices of ahi were translucent and melted in our mouths. The dipping sauce added a spicy kick to the dish that worked perfectly with the ahi. It was so good that we could have ordered another one, but we needed to try other dishes!

Honey Mac Nut Shrimp ($12)
Chef Jesse and Al's twist on the Chinese classic

The Honey Mac Nut Shrimp was beautifully presented on a large crispy wonton wrapper with a generous amount of shrimp. We loved how they incorporated macadamia nuts into the coating because not only did they add a crunchy texture, there were delicious nutty flavours fused in with all the spices that really elevated the dish. 

What a view!

Mangorita ($8.00)

I ordered a mango margarita that was very big and filled right to the rim! The mango flavours were nice and strong, and had a warm bite from the tequila. Very refreshing!

Ahi Spring Rolls ($12.25)
Fresh ahi & fresh veggies rolled in a lumpia wrapper & deep fried.
Served with a Thai dipping sauce.

The spring rolls had a lovely crunch when biting in, and the ahi and all the vegetables tasted very fresh. The Thai dipping sauce tide in all the flavours together with some sweet and tangy notes.

Sizzling Mushroom with Cheese ($8.45)
Sauteed in their garlic-herb butter, served sizzling to the table

We ordered the sizzling mushrooms after Kevin had smelled the mouthwatering aromas from another table! For $0.50 extra, we added parmesan cheese which melted nicely over the mushrooms. The dish was served with 3 slices of toast to enjoy with the mushrooms and butter. I personally love mushrooms so I knew it would taste amazing, which it did! The mushrooms had a wonderful smokey flavour that was softened by the garlic-herb butter. Another great appetizer!

Baked Fish ($24)
Nori wrapped catch of the day with choy sum, furikake rice and tomato dashi

The baked fish looked so beautiful and elegant! We could tell that the chef really cared about all the dishes being served by carefully placing all the elements together so that it was pleasing to the eyes. This was definitely the case of eating with our eyes first. Not only did it look appetizing, the flavours were executed very well with an Asian twist. The fish was extremely fresh and moist, and the tomato dashi sauce brought a well balanced acidity to the overall dish.

Grilled Fish ($24.95)
Crab crusted island fish with lemon grass beurre blanc and garlic mashed potatoes

Yes, that's right, crab crusted fish! I loved how they used crab meat to give the fish a beautiful golden crust and a fresh sea taste, allowing all the natural flavours to shine through. The fish was very soft and flaky, and paired perfectly with the creamy mashed potatoes. Truly an outstanding dish!

Toasting to a fun-filled day, delicious dinner and beautiful view.

After our dinner, we decided to walk down to Haiku Gardens to check out the pond and explore all the different plants.

Haleiwa Joe's is one of those restaurants that truly excels in bringing you the best quality dishes, leaving no room for errors. With all the dishes we ordered, there wasn't one item we didn't enjoy because the presentations and flavours were bold, creative and phenomenal. For the high quality foods we were served, it was surprising to see how affordable the prices were since in Toronto those main courses could go anywhere from $35 and up. We definitely won't forget our amazing dining experience with the fantastic service, mouth-watering dishes, and breathtaking scenery. Everyone needs to dine here!

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