Name: Tung Po Dim Siu Yi Restaurant North Point Location: Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong C...

Tung Po Dim Siu Yi Restaurant North Point

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Name: Tung Po Dim Siu Yi Restaurant North Point
Location: Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Cuisine: Seafood

One of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong is Tung Po at North Point. This restaurant is a popular dining spot for both small and large groups of people who want to enjoy fresh seafood and have a few drinks. Our group was a total of 8 people and we had to wait around 15 minutes since it was a busy night. The restaurant was very large and there were many people eating, drinking and enjoying themselves, so of course it was kind of loud but we didn't mind at all. The seating was pretty cramped and they only had plastic stools for seats since the regular plastic chairs were all taken. The restaurant looked old and the washrooms were pretty gross, so be sure to use the washroom before coming to this restaurant lol.

Although the interior of the restaurant may turn some people off, the reason why it's so popular is because they serve high quality food at fair prices. Tung Po offers a wide selection of tasty and unique entrees, including squid ink pasta, razor clams and your standard meat and vegetable items. All the seafood dishes we ordered were very fresh and delicious. It was my first time trying squid ink pasta and I was surprised at how good it tasted and that it wasn't fishy at all. I really enjoyed every single dish that came out and so it is no wonder that this restaurant is very popular. With so many different items on their menu, it's best to go with a large group so that you're able to try a wide variety of dishes. I highly recommend this place to everyone visiting Hong Kong because you are guaranteed high quality food and a memorable experience!

Tsingtao Beer | They served the beer in these small cups.

Fried Squid | Your typical fried squid, fresh and delicious.

Fried Salted Egg Yolk Golden Shrimp | These shrimps had a nice crispy texture and were very tasty.

I don't recall what kind of soup this was, but it was interesting and not too bad.

Clams in Black Bean Sauce | Very delicious and the sauce tasted so good over plain white rice.

Chinese vegetables with Garlic

Steamed Razor Clams with Vermicelli and Garlic | First time trying razor clams and I loved it! This dish was very light and refreshing.

Gailan with Garlic | Can't go wrong with this dish!

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Cuttlefish Balls | I never thought I'd get to try Squid Ink pasta. It definitely had a unique flavour and it was quite delicious. I hope to try this again one day!

Meat with Vegetables | Unfortunately I don't remember what kind of meat this was, but it was very good.

Char-Grilled Beef Short Ribs | Thick cut, House Special pepper sauce.
The meat was very tender and juicy!

Pork Ribs and Salad Sauce | This dish was very interesting, but in a good way. It had a sweet and savory flavour from the sauce, something I've never tried before.

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