Name: Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse Location: 12 Brant Street, Toronto Cuisine: Steakhouse Website: For Vale...

Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse

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Name: Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse
Location: 12 Brant Street, Toronto
Cuisine: Steakhouse

For Valentines Day, Kevin and I had made plans to have dinner at Jacob's and so we made reservations ahead of time, about a month in advance just to be safe. It was our second time dining at Jacob's and we had a great experience with the food and service during our first visit. This time around, we were looking for a steak that was extra tender and juicy, anything similar to the quality and texture of Korean Han-u beef. Our server was very informative and helped us choose a steak based on our preference.
Ben Marco Malbec 2013 9 oz. ($27) | Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina 
Biancavigna Extra Dry Prosecco NV 6 oz. ($16) | DOC Prosecco, Veneto, Italy
For drinks I ordered a glass of Malbec and Kevin ordered a glass of Prosecco. 
Yorkshire Pudding
They started us off with freshly baked Yorkshire Pudding that was very soft on the inside. I couldn't stop eating this because it was so delicious with the butter!
Jacobs Caesar Salad ($19) | Prepared tableside
We ordered Jacobs Caesar Salad which is prepared tableside and is perfect for two people to share. The server stated each ingredient that went into the dressing and explained the whole process. We had this the first time we visited Jacobs and so we knew what to expect: delicous Caesar salad like no other! The lettuce had a refreshing crisp, the dressing was rich with tangy flavours and coated all the lettuce nicely, the bacon bits added a delicious smokiness, and the parmesan wasn't overpowering but just perfect.
Jacobs Caesar Salad
Different kinds of sauces and salts to use with our steaks.
Tenderloin 8 oz. ($128) | AAco Westholme Wagyu, Queensland, AUS
Kevin and I both ordered an 8 oz. tenderloin each since our server recommended this steak based on what we wanted. We had the option of getting our steaks pre-sliced and so I got mine sliced while Kevin just wanted his steak whole.

This wagyu tenderloin had a great amount of marbling which made it very tender and juicy, just what we were looking for. I tried some of the different sauces and salts with my steak to see how it was and I preferred the Hawaiian Black Salt out of them all, but the steak itself tasted perfect without any seasoning.
Kevin noted that he didn't like the crust of the steak because it had too much of a grainy texture in his mouth which I could agree on.
Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes ($14) | Tarragon
The fries were delicious but we wished we ordered a different side that was lighter because it was pretty heavy with our steaks.
After our meal they gave us muffins to take with us to enjoy the next day. 
Many people say that Jacobs is the best steakhouse in Toronto, but after trying several other restaurants in the past year I would say it's just one of the best steakhouses in my opinion. I would also have to take into account the service and atmosphere, which was good but not exceptional as other fine dining restaurants. The quality of the food was great and next time I would love to try different items on their menu. 
I would recommend this restaurant if you're looking to try high quality steak and not too worried about the cost because it's quite expensive for two people, averaging around $400+ total with drinks.

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