Name: Flaming Bull Cuisine: Taiwanese, Asian Fusion Location: 378 Bloor St. West Website: Rating: 4/5 Flaming B...

Flaming Bull

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Name: Flaming Bull
Cuisine: Taiwanese, Asian Fusion
Location: 378 Bloor St. West
Rating: 4/5

Flaming Bull is a fusion restaurant that offers their take on Taiwanese dishes that are elevated in taste and style. They're most popular for their beef noodle soup, but there are other great dishes that are worth trying.

I was recently invited by Sweven Media to try Flaming Bull's Halloween dinner menu which will be available starting Friday, October 28th to 31st. The menu is a set course that consists of three appetizers (salad, soup and tacos), main course and dessert.

The interior of the restaurant was modern with a wooden theme throughout the place which was beautiful.

Seafood Salad 

They started us off with a Seafood Salad which contained a variety of seafood including shrimp, octopus, mussels and clams. The vegetables chosen for this dish went well with the seafood and were crispy and light, which was quite refreshing. One thing to note was that the clams were a bit overpowering since it was naturally more stronger in flavour compared to the octopus and shrimp.

Pumpkin Soup 

I always enjoy a hot bowl of soup to warm me up in Fall and this pumpkin soup was perfect for the chilly weather we were having! The soup was very creamy with rich flavours from the pumpkin. 

3 in 1 Tacos: Beef 

We each received a plate that consisted of three different tacos: beef, chicken and pork. The beef taco had a delicious marinade, probably soy sauce based, that was packed with flavour. 

 3 in 1 Tacos: Chicken

The chicken taco was the lighter one out of the three. The chicken was very moist and had a sauce that was light and a bit on the sweeter side. This was also very good.

 3 in 1 Tacos: Pork

The pork taco was definitely my favourite out of the three! The pork marinade and sauce topping reminded me bulgogi (Korean marinated beef) which tasted so good. I liked how they added red cabbage to add texture and balance in flavour. This is a must-have!

Torching the beef for Sichuan style beef noodle 

Sichuan Style Beef Noodle
Beef shank, AAA prime rib, vegetables stewed in
beef stock with Sichuan style broadbean paste.

I really enjoyed the Sichuan Style Beef Noodle soup. The broth was rich in flavour, yet light at the same time. The spices and herbs that were used to make this broth reminded me of Vietnamese Pho, which I absolutely love. The noodles were cooked al dente and they soaked up the soup nicely. I liked how they torched the beef for this soup because it added smokiness to the beef which was very tasty. 

 Beef Fried Rice Teppanyaki
Sliced beef, signature pan fried sauce, vegetables seasoned
with peppers and Himalayan salt served on rice.

  Beef Fried Rice Teppanyaki

The Beef Fried Rice Teppanyaki didn't really stand out to me. Although the concept was nice, it would have been better if they added more sauce and possibly use the marinated beef from the taco for this dish (that would be great!).

 Trick or Treat: Mango Panna Cotta
Homemade panna cotta, mango juice and cranberry

The panna cotta was wonderful! It was very silky and light in flavour, and the mango juice added a nice sweetness to it. Inside the panna cotta was a surprising and fun treat which you'll have to find out for yourself! 

The chocolate fudge dessert was not only looked cute, but tasted very good as well. I liked how the chocolate was rich but not overly sweet. Perfect end to our meal.

Overall, we had a great experience tasting their Halloween dinner menu. It was nice to try a variety of different dishes that were beautifully presented and had a unique twist.

[Although the dishes provided at the tasting were complimentary, all opinions are my own and not the views of the restaurant.]
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