Name:  Majang-Dong Han-u Maeul 마장동 한우 마을 Location:   509-11 Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul Cuisine: Korean BBQ Rating: 5/5 Whene...

Majang-Dong Han-u Maeul 마장동 한우 마을

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Name: Majang-Dong Han-u Maeul 마장동 한우 마을
Location: 509-11 Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Cuisine: Korean BBQ
Rating: 5/5

Whenever people ask me to list the top must-haves in Korea, the first thing I mention is Korean Han-u beef. I cannot tell them enough how important it is to try it when in Seoul because the experience is incredible! Han-u is a breed of cattle in Korea that is well known for its top quality meat. Han-u is mainly enjoyed by cooking it Korean barbecue style with many side dishes to accompany it. People usually don't use any sauces or spices besides salt because the main focus is on the flavour of the beef.

After trying Han-u at several different restaurants around Seoul, we've found the best place that serves top quality Han-u with impeccable service. Han-u Maeul is a restaurant located within the meat market, also known as Majang-Dong, that serves a wide variety of premium cuts of Han-u (1++ meats are known to be the best quality of Han-u). This restaurant is very popular, and many politicians and celebrities are known to dine here. Since this place can become extremely busy, reservations should be made in advance.

Upon entering, you are taken to your table and they serve you all the side dishes right away. When choosing a meat, you go back to the front desk area where there is a refrigerator containing all the cuts of Han-u in packages with prices, just like at a supermarket. After choosing your meat, you let them know which ones you have chosen and you can start grilling your meat right away.

1++ Han-u Ribeye Steak 꽂등심 (₩40,000)

This ribeye steak is called Flower Marbled Sirloin (Kkot Deungsim 꽂등심) due to the flower pattern of the marbling. This cut is a popular choice among many because of the wonderful fat throughout meat and reasonable prices. When you bite into the beef, you get a gush of delicious juices that has a watery consistency and not greasy at all. It is full of flavour and extremely tender. Simply amazing! For four people, we ordered 3 of the ribeyes which ranged from ₩37,000 to ₩42,000 each (approximately $42-$48 CAD).

1++ Han-u Chuck Flap Tail 살치살 (₩62,000)

This cut of Han-u (Salchisal 살치살) is thinner with tons of marbling which can be quite expensive. For ₩62,000 (~$70 CAD), the pack contained around 6 pieces of meat. This was our favourite cut of Han-u because the intense marbling gave the meat a soft and buttery texture that melted in our mouths. With each bite, there was an explosion of juices! We ended up ordering two of these packs because they were totally worth it.

It's best to cook the Han-u medium rare to get all the delicious juices!

Yukhoe 육회 

Since we ordered a lot of meat, they gave us fresh Yukhoe as service. Yukhoe is a Korean steak tartare served Korean spices and sauces.

Doenjang Jjigae 된장찌개(₩12,000)

After we finished the meat, we ordered Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean paste stew) to end off our incredible meal. The jjigae had pieces of Han-u brisket which was very flavourful and delicious.

Whenever I look back at our food journey in Korea, I could never forget the amazing experiences I've had tasting Korean Han-u beef, especially at this restaurant. It was our second time dining at Han-u Maeul on two different vacations, and they did not disappoint. They provided the best service by always making sure our side dishes were full and that we had a wonderful dining experience. It was also very kind of them to give us Yukhoe on the house. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone looking to try Han-u in Seoul because you are ensured top quality meat with outstanding service.
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