Name: Home of Hot Taste - Buldak 불닭 Location: 5 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill Cuisine: Korean Total Price: $57.96 (+ tax) Recommend...

Home of Hot Taste - Buldak 불닭

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Name: Home of Hot Taste - Buldak 불닭
Location: 5 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill
Cuisine: Korean
Total Price: $57.96 (+ tax)
Recommend: Yes

Home of Hot Taste, also known as Buldak 불닭, is a Korean restaurant that serves the popular Korean Fried Chicken and Blazing Fire Chicken. This restaurant has two locations in downtown Toronto near Yonge and Bloor St. and in Thornhill, north of Yonge and Steeles. Their menu offers a great selection of chicken dishes, seafood dishes, soups and other snack food dishes. People enjoy dining at Home of Hot Taste for lunch or for dinner with friends and family. Not only is this restaurant a great place to eat, many people come here to have drinks with friends at night, mostly during the weekends.

Fried Chicken with sweet and hot Sauce 양념치킨 ($16.99).
This fried chicken is called Yangnyeom Chicken in Korean and it is Home of Hot Taste's most popular menu item. The fried chicken is coated in a Korean spicy marinade and can also be served without the spiciness. The batter on the outside is crispy and the meat is very moist and delicious on the inside. The flavour of the sauce is a mix between a sweet and savory taste with a kick of spice, the perfect combination.

Blazing Fire Chicken with Sausage 쏘세지 불닭 ($15.99).
As the name suggests, the chicken is cooked with a hot marinade that will surely make you chug down some water after a few bites. But even though the chicken is really spicy, it tastes delicious and goes well with a bowl of rice. The sausages are very juicy and they balance out the spiciness of the chicken.

Fried Chicken with Green Onion 파닭치킨 ($19.99).
This dish consists of pieces of plain fried chicken with a green onion salad on top. The green onion salad has a sesame oil dressing and goes really well with the chicken. If you're looking for a non-spicy dish, this fried chicken is a great choice and can be shared among two people.

Egg Soup 계란탕 ($4.99). 
Egg soup is a must-have with your chicken meal because it helps to cut the greasiness of the fried chicken and it just tastes really good!

If you've never had Korean Fried Chicken, definitely give Home of Hot Taste a try because it is very different from the traditional plain fried chicken. You won't regret it!

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