Name: Piggy's Restaurant Location:  5 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill Cuisine: Korean Website: I've bee...

Piggy's Restaurant

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Name: Piggy's Restaurant
Location: 5 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill
Cuisine: Korean

I've been to Piggy's Restaurant numerous times to get my Korean BBQ fix, but I haven't really ordered from their regular food menu such as their stews and rice dishes. I'm a fan of their Ogyeopsal, which is 5 layered pork belly meat and it is usually a thicker cut than Samgyupsal, 3 layered pork belly. I've also tried their beef BBQ several times and never liked it because the galbi was always tough and I felt it wasn't seasoned enough.

Kevin and I decided to visit Piggy's one night and order some main dishes to try something different other than Korean BBQ. We ordered a soup, stone pot pork bibimbap and King-sized dumplings, all to share.

Tsingtao Beer

Side dishes: Kimchi, Jangjorim (Soy braised beef), Miyeok Julgi Bokkeum (Seaweed stem salad), and cooked radish.
Ugeoji-Galbi Tang ($10.95) | Cabbage and short rib soup
We both loved this soup! The cabbage was very soft and peeled apart effortlessly, the soup was rich and extremely flavourful from the beef broth, and there were a few big pieces of galbi. This soup is perfect for those gloomy and dark cold days where you just want to eat something that warms you up and hits the spot.

Jeyuk-Dolsot Bibimbap ($9.95) | Steamed rice with stir-fried pork and soya bean sprouts in spicy red chili sauce, served piping hot in a stone pot.

I loved how they used stir-fried pork in place of beef (most restaurants put ground beef) because it added so much more flavour to the rice. It was served very hot and still sizzling in the bowl when it came out.

Jeyuk-Dolsot Bibimbap mixed together

Gae Seong Wang Mandu ($8.95) | Korean-style steamed dumplings made with meat and vegetables

These dumplings were huge and so delicious! There's no need to go all the way to Myeongdong Kalguksu when you can get the same tasty dumplings at Piggy's, but with way better service (if you've been to Myeongdong, you'll know how bad their service is). The dumplings came out steaming hot with a bowl of soy sauce to dip them in.

Be careful not to burn your mouth!

All the dishes we tried exceeded our expectations and we were very happy to find a Korean restaurant in Toronto that actually makes delicious Korean food. We've been to many different Korean restaurants that did not taste very good when compared to the food in Korea. We loved our experience so much that we went back in two days and ordered the same soup (each this time) and a side of LA galbi to share.

 Ugeoji-Galbi Tang ($10.95) | Cabbage and short rib soup

LA Galbi ($12.95) | Korean-style grilled crossed cut beef ribs
The galbi was very tasty with a nice marinade. Unlike the beef BBQ for tabletop cooking, the LA galbi wasn't as chewy and tough.

I highly recommend Piggy's Restaurant for their stews and rice dishes because they're all prepared with tons of delicious rich flavours. For their Korean BBQ, I recommend their pork belly because they come in nicely thick cuts, but I would stay away from their beef BBQ options.

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