Name:  Allstar Wings & Ribs Location: 3130 Rutherford Road, Unit 1, Vaughan Cuisine: Sports Bar Website: www.allstarwingsandrib...

Allstar Wings & Ribs

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Name: Allstar Wings & Ribs
Location: 3130 Rutherford Road, Unit 1, Vaughan
Cuisine: Sports Bar

When it comes to watching a basketball game on TV, Kevin and I usually like visit any good restaurant depending on our location to watch the game. Since most of the time we're hanging out in Woodbridge, we like to watch the Raptors game and have dinner at Allstar Wings because each booth has their own TV and of course they have awesome wings!

This location can become really packed on Friday and Saturday evenings so it's important to go early to ensure a seat. As mentioned earlier, each booth has their own TV which can play any sports channel you're interested in, and for those tables that do not have personal TVs there are large screens hanging around the restaurant playing any current major game.

The service is quick and the waitresses have no problem answering any questions you may have about their menu, including describing and recommending flavours for the wings. From our own experiences on several occasions when we ordered a refillable beverage, our waitress always came around to see if it was almost empty and brought out a new drink even before we asked. Now that is great service!

When it comes to food, we usually order the same items every time: Caesar does Texas wings, Suicide or Hot wings, and Tex Mex Fries. With these three items, you really can't go wrong!

Suicide Wings 1 lb ($10.95)
Be careful with these wings, the spice will creep up slowly and soon your mouth will be on fire! I can tolerate spicy food, but by halfway through I was gulping down water haha. If you want spicy wings but not too heated, I would suggest getting regular Hot wings instead of Suicide. If you're daring and can handle extreme heat, Allstar offers a huge selection of extremely spicy wings ranging from Hotter to E.L.E. that stands for Extinction Level Event which is in the millions of Scoville units! I have tried H-Bomb in the past which is one heat level down from E.L.E. and I almost died (not literally)! I only took one small bite and my mouth was on fire for the rest of the evening lol.

Caesar does Texas 1 lb ($10.95)
I think this flavour is one of the most popular of them all! These wings are mild and there's some nice tangy flavours from the Parmesan cheese and Caesar sauce. This is a must-have!

Tex Mex Fries | Loaded with cheese, seasoning, tomato, sour cream, salsa and shallots.
These fries are delicious! I love tacos so if you have the same toppings on fries, I'm all for it. Same as their wings, they have a whole variety of different kinds of fries to choose from.

I have tried other items on their menu including their beef sliders which were quite bland, but I'd rather just stick to their wings and fries. If you're looking for a good chicken wing restaurant with a wide range of regular and unique flavours (including chocolate!), I highly recommend Allstar Wing & Ribs.

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