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Chef's Plate - Seared Steak with Demi-Glace

By | Wednesday, April 20, 2016 1 comment

Company: Chef's Plate
Service: Weekly meal plan

If you check out my previous post, I talked about being contacted by Chef's Plate to try out their service and to write an honest review. I was given the option to choose 2 dishes from their weekly menu (every week they offer 6 new dishes). Yesterday I tried their Butter Chicken Tacos which turned out to be a great success. Today I made their Seared Steak with Demi-Glace and let me just say that the dish really exceeded my expectations!

The level of difficulty for this dish was set to medium with a preparation time of 25 minutes. Just like the Butter Chicken Tacos, the recipe was very clear and easy to follow. I did end up taking longer but only because I had to stop and take pictures/videos of each step haha!

All the fresh ingredients to make the dish. I can't get over how much I love how all the ingredients are packaged and labeled nicely! 

I washed and chopped the vegetables as directed in the recipe card. They even tell you whether you should thinly slice the veggies or cut into 1 inch pieces, making sure your results are consistent with their picture.

This was my final result!! I was truly pleased at how the dish turned out. I did have a minor problem when cooking the steak because I ended up removing the steak too soon, giving me rare beef, but I fixed it by putting it back on the stove to get between medium and medium rare. Other than that, everything was a breeze. The polenta cooked very fast and sauteing the vegetables were a piece of cake. The steak, which I pre-seasoned with salt and pepper, was very tender and juicy! It went perfectly with the pan-roasted vegetables and polenta, and the demi-glace really brought this dish together by adding a delicious rich taste. I give this dish a 10/10! There was nothing on the plate that I did not like - I really loved everything.

Another shot of this beautiful dish! Not only was the recipe easy to follow, I was able to achieve the exact same result as their photo! They really do make an effort in providing you with the best ingredients to maintain consistency so that everyone can create a stunning dish, whether to look the same as their photo or recreating the dish to your liking.

Overall, my experience with Chef's Plate was great! It's pretty awesome to be able to create a dish at home that looks and tastes like a professional chef had made it. I think this is also great for beginners who want to start learning how to cook because the end result will encourage them to keep cooking. I would like to add that I really like the concept Chef's Plate is offering because from my personal experiences when I'm making a new dish for the first time, I end up buying several sauces or spices in bulk that I use only once and never again. For that reason, I believe it's worth it to try out Chef's Plate because they offer a new menu every week, allowing you to create a variety of delicious dishes without wasting any ingredients. I will definitely be purchasing meals in the future!!

If you would like to try out their delicious recipes, sign up at using my code #FOODIELOVE and get 3 FREE PLATES off your first order (& free shipping Ontario wide) when you checkout!

[I received the two meals from Chef's Plate for free, but everything written in my posts regarding my experiences with their service are from my own honest opinions.]

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