Name: Island Vintage Shave Ice Location:   Royal Hawaiian Center, Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu Cuisine: Frozen Dessert When I first though...

Island Vintage Shave Ice

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Name: Island Vintage Shave Ice
Location: Royal Hawaiian Center, Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu
Cuisine: Frozen Dessert

When I first thought about shaved ice, I thought about the snow cones they sell in Toronto during summer which are pretty much tiny chunks of ice with flavoured syrup drizzled on top. I was never fond of snow cones because I personally didn't like the big pieces of ice, so I never had it again since I was a child. But when I read that shaved ice was an extremely popular dessert item in Hawaii, I was keen on trying it out to see if it would change my perception of this frozen dessert.

When we were walking around the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, we found a shaved ice stand called Island Vintage Shave Ice. There were many people standing around enjoying their desserts which looked incredible so we bought one big shaved ice to share. We ordered a popular menu item called Pink Island which contained strawberry and lychee mint organic soft ice cream, snow cap, fresh strawberries and lychee on top, and mochi and lychee popping boba on the side.

Before even trying it, I knew the shaved ice would be amazing because I didn't see any chunks of ice but only a snowy looking dessert. The shaved ice was very light and fluffy like snow, and the syrup they used over the ice was very delicious. Once you eat through the shaved ice, you find soft and creamy ice cream on the inside. The mochi was very fresh and the boba added a delicious pop of lychee flavour in our mouths. Overall, this shaved ice was honestly the best frozen dessert I've ever had because of the soft textures and all the wonderful natural flavours inside. Be sure to check out Island Vintage Shave Ice for a variety of different flavours and toppings.

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