Name:  Bosk at Shangri-La Hotel Location: 188 University Avenue, Toronto Cuisine: Asian-inspired Total Price: $407.37 Recommend:...

Bosk at Shangri-La Hotel

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Name: Bosk at Shangri-La Hotel
Location: 188 University Avenue, Toronto
Cuisine: Asian-inspired
Total Price: $407.37
Recommend: Yes

Shangri-La Hotel is a well known Asian hotel chain that offers a luxurious experience for guests staying at the hotel. The hotel is located downtown Toronto on University Ave. near Adelaide which is close the Entertainment District. Shangri-La's signature restaurant is Bosk, an upscale Asian inspired restaurant that caters to a variety of different crowds from young professionals to families. Flowing from the bar area, the dining room has a wooded modern theme and has a beautiful illuminating display of wine bottles. Diners can expect impeccable service from the moment you enter the restaurant and delectable high quality dishes.

Bosk's menu offers a great selection of seafood and meat dishes. For a party of 4, we ordered a bottle of Henry of Pelham Chardonnay and for our starters we chose Nova Scotia Scallops, Lobster Gnocchi and Hamachi Sashimi to share. The portion sizes were small but it was expected since we were dining at an upscale restaurant. For each of the starters, you can taste every ingredient because they were rich in luscious flavours.

Dining Area

Display of wine bottles

Bosk's Menu

Henry of Pelham Chardonnay bottle ($85), Andeluna Malbec 6oz ($15), Inniskillin Ice Wine ($20), 2 Sparkling water ($5), 1 Still water ($2.50).

Fresh Bread to start

Nova Scotia Scallops ($23). Avocado, hon-shimeji mushrooms, crunchy rice, sesame ginger dressing. The scallops were perfectly cooked and the sides really elevated the dish.

Lobster Gnocchi ($24). Russet potato, forest mushroom, tomato, lobster emulsion. The Lobster Gnocchi was highly pleasant and it left us wanting more.

Hamachi Sashimi ($21). Puffed nori, apple, seasame, radish, spicy ponzu. The hamachi sashimi tasted very fresh and the thin slices of apple added a refreshing touch.

Alaskan Sablefish ($37) Smoked pomme purée, onion, fennel, mussel cream. I ordered the Alaskan Sablefish and absolutely loved it. The fish was perfectly seasoned and the texture was flaky and very moist on the inside. The sides were a delicious accompaniment to the fish and the mussel cream tide all the flavours together.

Duo of Ontario Pork ($38). Gnocchi, kale, parsnip, walnut, mustard jus. Everyone had enjoyed their main courses just as much as I did and had agreed that the dishes were flawless. 

Blackened East Coast Pickerel ($36). Octopus, beans, poblano, shishito pepper, chimichurri.

B.C Steelhead Salmon ($34) Rye crust, pine nut, artichoke, barigoule vinaigrette.

Chocolate Bailey's Ice Cream ($10) and Vanilla Bailey's Ice Cream ($10). For dessert we ordered chocolate and vanilla Bailey's ice cream to share which was soft, creamy and delicious.

Vanilla Bailey's Ice Cream ($10)

Our waiter gave us a plate of dessert on the house that consisted of white chocolate pearls, blackberry and passion fruit truffles, and tapioca flavoured jellies.

White Chocolate Pearls

Overall, we had a highly pleasurable experience from the outstanding service to the palatable food, and we can conclude that Bosk is so far one of the best restaurants that we have dined at in Toronto. Although the dishes can be pricey at Bosk, you will know your money is well spent and that it was all worth it because of the quality and care the waiters and chefs put into your entire dining experience.

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