Name:  Black Pig Korea 흑돈가 Location: 44-3 Yeoeuido-dong, Seoul Cuisine: Korean BBQ Website: Total...

Black Pig Korea 흑돈가

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Name: Black Pig Korea 흑돈가
Location: 44-3 Yeoeuido-dong, Seoul
Cuisine: Korean BBQ
Total Price: ₩ 41,500

If you've ever had Korean BBQ in Toronto (I'm not talking about the all-you-can-eat fake Korean BBQ), you must have tried Samgyupsal which is pork belly. Many Koreans enjoy eating samgyupsal in restaurants or in the comfort of their own home. Korean BBQ is usually accompanied with a variety of side dishes and people often order doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew) to enjoy with their meal.

Samgyupsal is very popular in Korea and you can find a BBQ restaurant just about anywhere. Not only is the price of samgyupsal very cheap there, the pork is served in thick pieces and it is extremely tasty. There is another type of pork belly called Ogyeopsal which has 5 layers of meat, whereas Samgyupsal has 3 layers. Ogyeopsal is therefore thicker in width and has more meat than fat.

Black Pig Korea 흑돈가 is a popular BBQ franchise in Korea and as the name suggests, they specialize in serving a variety of different cuts of pork. We heard about this restaurant while in Korea and thought it would be a great place to eat Ogyeopsal because of the high reviews and popularity. The location we went to was in Yeouido which was a very busy location, but thankfully they had valet services. The best thing about Korea is that if you're driving to a restaurant, most places offer valet parking because they know it can be extremely difficult to find parking. Once inside, we had a 15 minute wait which wasn't so bad considering the time we went was when people had just finished work. The restaurant was pretty big and they also had more space downstairs where we were seated. Each table had it's own movable vent to suck up all the smoke so that the place wasn't smoggy and everyone was given a large plastic bag to store their coats to prevent them from getting dirty from the grease and smelling like BBQ. 

As soon as we were seated, our waitress quickly set up the BBQ and brought our side dishes. 

Ogyeopsal 오겹살 (₩ 16,000). Grilled Black Pork.
We ordered Ogyeopsal to start which came in two big pieces. The servers usually take care of the meat and cut it for us. 

Our ogyeopsal also came with a piece of pork rind 돼지껍데기 to BBQ. 

Great ventilation!

The ogyeopsal was very thick and packed with flavour. I hardly used any sauce because of how tasty it was on it's own.

Hangjeongsal 항정살 (₩ 16,000).
Hangjeongsal is pork neck meat which is fattier and has a chewier texture than the pork belly. This is a great choice if you prefer more marbling on your pork.

Naengmyun 냉면 (₩ 6,500). Noodles in chilled beef broth.
In Korea, people usually order their soups/noodle dishes when they're almost done eating their BBQ. Kevin ordered the naengmyun which he said was very refreshing.

Rice + Doenjang Jjigae 공기밥+된장찌게 (₩ 3,000). 
I ordered the doenjang jjigae which helped balance the greasiness of all the pork we ate. 

Our overall experience was really good, but we've had even tastier pork belly in Korea. If you're looking for a good Korean BBQ restaurant that's popular, check this place out. But if you're looking for a restaurant that may not be as popular but has better delicious pork, try those independent BBQ restaurants in Gangnam which I will review very soon!

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