Name: Paris Croissant Location: Yeouido, Seoul Website: Paris Croissant is a bakery franchi...

Paris Croissant

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Name: Paris Croissant
Location: Yeouido, Seoul

Paris Croissant is a bakery franchise in Korea that offers fresh baked breads and desserts, and in some of their locations they serve meals including pasta, risotto and steak. They also have prepackaged desserts that are great gift ideas to friends and family, especially for tourists who want to bring back delicious goods.

We visited the Paris Croissant in Yeouido for some coffee and dessert. As soon as you walk in you see the lovely display of all their breads, cakes and pastries. Many people drop by to pick up something quick from the bakery, while others come sit inside the cafe to enjoy their dessert. We noticed that this cafe was a popular hang out spot for young professionals in the area because they would come in groups. The seating area was very spacious and had many cushioned seats with pillows for people to feel comfortable. 

I wanted to take a look at their dessert selection but Kevin insisted on choosing for the both of us while I grabbed seats. Bad idea. He ordered a strawberry jelly-filled doughnut with icing & strawberry topping, and a cheese pastry. Both looked very appetizing, but the strawberry doughnut was really stale and the cheese pastry was okay. We laughed it off because Kevin was certain that the desserts he chose were going to be amazing, but instead were the complete opposite (this happens very often when he chooses lol). But it might have been because they were baked in the morning and sitting out all day. 

I don't think we will be visiting Paris Croissant again the next time we come to Korea. Cafes such as Caffe Pascucci and Paris Baguette are better choices for your dessert fix.

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