Name: Sansotei Ramen Location: 179 Dundas Street West, Toronto Cuisine:  Japanese Total Price: $29.46 (+ tax) Ever since coming bac...

Sansotei Ramen

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Name: Sansotei Ramen
Location: 179 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Cuisine: Japanese
Total Price: $29.46 (+ tax)

Ever since coming back from New York and trying Totto Ramen, I was in desperate need to find a restaurant in Toronto that had a similar taste and quality as Totto. After researching online, I had found great reviews for Sansotei Ramen with some reviewers suggesting that the taste was similar to the ramen in Japan. Sansotei Ramen has two locations in downtown Toronto, with one on Yonge St. and the other on Dundas St W.

This past Saturday, I finally had the time to visit Sansotei for lunch with my bf. When we got to the restaurant, we had to wait in line outside which took 15 minutes. After checking out their menu, I ordered Tonkotsu Black ramen and my bf ordered Spicy Tan Tan. We also ordered Zangi (deep fried chicken) and chashu don on the side to share.

Tonkontsu Black Ramen ($9.86). Pork belly, black fungus, egg, green onion, garlic oil.
My ramen was very delicious and the broth was rich and creamy. Next time I will probably order the regular Tonkotsu ramen without the garlic oil because I think it made the broth salty, but other than that I absolutely loved it!

Spicy Tan Tan Ramen ($9.60). Pork belly, ground pork, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, egg, green onion.
I tried the broth of the Spicy Tan Tan and I didn't like it because it was extremely salty which ruined the taste.

Zangi, Deep fried chicken ($4.50).
The deep fried chicken was amazing with the perfect amount of seasoning.

Chashu don, marinated braised pork belly on rice with egg ($5.50).
The chashu had a nice crispy texture and was very flavourful. The sauce from the chashu covered the rice which tasted great together.

Apart from the Spicy Tan Tan and the garlic oil, I've got to say that Sansotei Ramen is the best ramen restaurant I've tried in Toronto so far. I will definitely come back soon to have another hot bowl of Tonkotsu ramen. Yum!

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