Name: Blue Lagoon Seafood Master Location:  888 Dundas St E, Mississauga Cuisine: Chinese Website:  http://www.bluelagoonseafoodmaster...

Blue Lagoon Seafood Master [EVENT]

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Name: Blue Lagoon Seafood Master
Location: 888 Dundas St E, Mississauga
Cuisine: Chinese
Rating: 4/5

Cartoon dim sum has been the craze in Hong Kong, where steamed buns with cartoon faces are squeezed with the filling oozing out to make it seem like it's vomiting (or something else lol). It was only a matter of time that it was picked up here in the GTA, particularly in Mississauga at Blue Lagoon Seafood Master.

I was invited to a tasting event at Blue Lagoon Seafood Master hosted by Sweven Media, to try out their new and fun cartoon dim sum creations. The restaurant serves a wide range of Chinese seafood, dim sum and barbecue dishes.

Piggy Egg Yolk Bun

Piggy Egg Yolk Bun

The piggy egg yolk bun looked too cute to eat! In order to make your piggy bun "vomit", you need to poke a hole under the snout with a chopstick and squeeze the bun on the sides until it oozes out. Apart from the fun and cuteness, the bun tasted very delicious! The egg yolk filling was a mix between sweet and savory, and since it was on the sweeter side, it's probably best to finish your dim sum meal with with this bun.

Green Monster Egg Yolk Bun

Another fun cartoon bun that you can play with! The filling is the same as the Piggy Egg Yolk Bun. 

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Chili Sauce

All their dim sum were quite large and came in 3 per basket. This steamed dumpling contained large pieces of shrimp inside which tasted very fresh and delicious, and the addition of the chili sauce on top added extra flavour. 

Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling 

These were beautifully made with the soft touches of green colour on the wrapper and goji berry on top. The vegetables inside were also very fresh, perfect for those seeking a vegetarian option for dim sum.

Steamed House Meat Dumpling (Har Gow)

You can't go wrong with the classic har gow! The skin of the dumpling was soft with the perfect thickness, and inside contained large pieces of shrimp. Simply delicious! 

Steamed Crab Meat with White Egg Dumpling

These dumplings had cute orange eyes to make them look like tiny fish! This dumpling was my favourite out of them all. There was fresh crab meat, along with egg whites inside the dumpling which had light, yet tasty flavours. I highly recommend this!

Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling (Siu Mai)

Another delicious classic, but with an addition of katsuobushi on top - dried fish flakes, found on many Japanese dishes.

Seafood Fried Rice with Garlic

The restaurant also serves many regular dishes including their seafood fried rice and fried noodle.

Cold Mango Pudding

Beautiful mango pudding shaped as a Koi fish - the perfect dessert to finish your meal!

We had a big dim sum feast for dinner (a first for us all) with many classic dishes, as well as new ones like the cartoon buns. Since I had such a delicious dining experience at Blue Lagoon Seafood Master, I will definitely go back there to have their dim sum on a Saturday!

Special thanks goes out to Sweven Median and Blue Lagoon Seafood Master for having me at the tasting event!

[Although the dishes provided at the event were complimentary, all opinions are my own and not the views of the restaurant.]

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