Name:  Kalapawai Café & Deli Location:  750 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734 Cuisine: Cafe, Deli Website: Ratin...

Kalapawai Café & Deli

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Name: Kalapawai Café & Deli
Location: 750 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734
Cuisine: Cafe, Deli
Rating: 4/5

In search of a nice lunch spot near Kailua and Lanikai Beach, we found great reviews online for Kalapawai Café & Deli. This café is known to specialize in a wide range of deli meats for cold and hot sandwiches, as well as breakfast meals, pizzas and salads. They also offer an extensive dinner menu from seafood gumbo to house made gluten free gnocchi.

The Café looked like a mini market with menus hanging from the walls and many food items showcased behind the display cases. After ordering our meals from the deli counter, we proceeded to the drink counter to order our drinks and pay for everything.

Waialua Soda Works
Waialua Soda Works offers high quality ingredients using natural flavours and pure cane sugar for the best and most refreshing experience. Currently, there are five flavours including Pineapple, Root Beer, Mango, Vanilla Cream and Lilikoi.
It was my first time trying Waialua Soda at Kalapawai Café and I instantly fell in love. The soda had a delicious pineapple flavour with light sweetness which I really liked, opposed to sodas that are overly sweet. The carbonation from the soda was crisp and extremely refreshing. I regretted not purchasing more sodas to go because it was difficult for me to find the soda at any convenience stores in Oahu. 
French Dip
French baguette with garlic butter, roast beef,
provolone and served with hot au jus

I ordered the French Dip which was from their hot sandwiches menu. The baguette was soft and the roast beef was very tasty. The hot au jus that came on the side made the sandwich incredibly delicious! It was a light gravy with wonderful smokey flavours.
Chicken Caesar
Romaine lettuce, chicken breast and Parmesan
cheese with Caesar dressing and croutons

You can't go wrong with a Caesar salad. It was delicious and the perfect side to our sandwiches.

We had a nice lunch at Kalapawai Café & Deli and it wasn't hard to find on the map. I recommend this Café for those looking for a great place to eat after enjoying their day at Kailua and Lanikai beach! 

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