Name: Heart Sushi Location: 30 Bristol Rd E, Mississauga Cuisine: Japanese AYCE & Teppanyaki Website: Rating: ...

Heart Sushi [EVENT]

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Name: Heart Sushi
Location: 30 Bristol Rd E, Mississauga
Cuisine: Japanese AYCE & Teppanyaki
Rating: 4/5

All you can eat sushi bars haven't had the best reputation in the past due to it's quantity over quality service, but recently several AYCE restaurants have been providing quality seafood that are worth your money. One of those AYCE sushi bars is Heart Sushi, located in Mississauga. Heart Sushi provides it's customers with the freshest seafood that is brought in daily and has introduced unique items including their blowtorched sushi. For those not looking to have AYCE, there is a separate dining area where guests can enjoy teppanyaki for lunch or dinner.

I was invited to another tasting event hosted by Sweven Media to try Heart Sushi's teppanyaki grills as well as other delicious items. We were able to choose any meats and seafoods from the teppanyaki menu and other sushi/sashimi items we wanted to try. For drinks, we were able to go through the extensive drink menu using their touch screen iPad which had pictures and descriptions for each drink.

The dining area for teppanyaki was very spacious with comfortable seats surrounding the grills.
To start us off, the servers brought out two beautifully presented platters of various sashimi and crab meat. Right away I could taste the freshness of the fish which was very different from previous experiences at AYCE sushi restaurants. The sashimi was firm and delicious, but best of all it, it didn't have a lingering fishy aftertaste which bad quality fish do.
My friend and I ordered a separate sashimi platter consisting of Hamachi, Tuna, Salmon and Escolar. My favourite was the Escolar because the texture was very soft and buttery, and the fish was rich in delicious flavour.
Other foodies at the tasting event ordered this gorgeous platter with a lot of Salmon, Escolar, Shrimp and Surf Clam.
Torched Beef and Escolar Nigiri
New on their menu are torched nigiri which has become widely popular in many Japanese restaurants. Torched sushi brings out extra flavours including a delicious smokey taste. If you haven't tried torched sushi yet, you're in for a treat!
Torched Salmon Nigiri
Scallop Sashimi
The texture of scallop sashimi is very soft and buttery with a light flavour, similar to shrimp sashimi or Escolar. This scallop sashimi was marinated in a light soy sauce and vinegar concoction. 
Shrimp (1 pc) and Vegetable (3 pcs)
When you order a teppanyaki dinner course, you get tempura, house salad, miso soup and california rolls to start, and they also prepare for you beef fried rice and vegetables which is also included.
House Salad
California Roll
Preparing the mixed vegetables and beef fried rice for everyone.

Teppanyaki can't be complete without the popular onion volcano!
Striploin and Scallop
To be honest, I didn't have much expectations for their striploin and filet mignon because of previous teppanyaki experiences with it being overcooked, tough and dry. But after taking the first bite I was extremely surprised at how tender and juicy the meat was! The beef was soft and full of juicy flavours that filled my mouth with happiness (really!). The scallops were also perfectly cooked and tasted so delicious. This was a wonderful surprise seeing how they use great quality meat for their teppanyaki.
Pictured here is the filet mignon and scallops that was taken on another day when I came back for more delicious teppanyaki!
The lobster was presented in the shell and was also very tasty.
Mango Ice Cream
The ice cream tasted good but the texture was really soft, almost like a mousse. 

By the end of our meal we were all stuffed and extremely satisfied with all the items we tasted. From their sashimi to their teppanyaki, all the food tasted very fresh and of high quality. I highly recommend Heart Sushi for their teppanyaki after tasting how tender their striploin and filet mignon were, which is why I went back a few days later with my boyfriend to enjoy their delicious food again. If you're looking to try their seafood teppanyaki, I recommend trying their scallop and shrimp.

A special thanks to Yvonne and Closs from Sweven Media for hosting another great event with delicious food, drinks and company!

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