Name: Bosk at Shangri La Hotel Location: 188 University Ave, Toronto Cuisine: Brunch Rating:  5/5 There's nothing quite like a...

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Name: Bosk at Shangri La Hotel
Location: 188 University Ave, Toronto
Cuisine: Brunch
Rating: 5/5

There's nothing quite like a delicious brunch with mimosas on a beautiful day. Last Saturday Kevin and I wanted to enjoy our Easter long weekend by having brunch somewhere downtown. We originally made reservations at Epic, but after finding out that Bosk had an Easter weekend brunch menu, we decided to cancel and go there. We've dined at Bosk before and so we already knew that they would have exceptional food and service.

Bosk's Easter weekend brunch menu included two courses at $39 per person, which came with fresh juice, coffee or tea. Their menu was quite extensive with a variety of different starters and mains to choose from. Dessert was not included in the price, but for $7 guests can choose from the dessert list.
For those looking to enjoy mimosas with their meal, a server will come around with a beverage cart offering juice, champagne and mimosas (Champagne and mimosas are extra).

Mimosas ($22 each)

You can't go wrong with mimosas in the morning! These were so good that we ordered several without knowing the price. Little did we know that the total cost of the mimosas were more than our meals combined at $110! (LOL) We had a good laugh when the bill came out! XD

Cheese & Charcuterie
Artisanal cheeses, Ontario’s finest cured meats and grilled bread

I ordered the cheese and charcuterie board as my starter. I wasn't expecting a big platter, so when it came out I was surprised to see so many different sides to go with the cheese and meat. There wasn't one item on this board that I didn't like because it all tasted so good! I especially loved the roasted candied walnuts which paired nicely with the cheese. I shared this with Kevin since it was too much for me to finish.
Caesar Salad
Smoked bacon, chopped egg, parmesan and creamy garlic dressing
Kevin ordered the salad as his starter which he liked. The salad was large and had delicious tangy flavours with hints of smokiness from the baken.

Steak & Eggs
Grilled flat iron steak, fried eggs, Yukon gold potato and cherry tomatoes

We both ordered the steak and eggs main course. The steak was cooked to a beautiful medium rare that was extremely tender and flavourful, and the eggs were cooked sunny side up which was very rich and silky. The Yukon gold potatoes were seasoned with smokey flavours and had a crispy texture on the outside. There were supposed to be cherry tomatoes based on the menu, but we didn't receive any and we didn't notice till after we looked at the menu for dessert.

Side view of the steak. Looks amaaaaazing!!

Eastside Blend from JJ Bean Company

We need to talk about this coffee. Upon first sip, I immediately fell in love! The coffee was very rich, yet subtle at the same time. When you first take a sip, you get a bold flavour that is smooth and then the aftertaste is very soft and clean. It was so good that we had to ask our waitress for the name of the company, and apparently we weren't the only ones inquiring about this wonderful coffee.
I even found online that JJ Bean Company, a Vancouver based company, had recently opened up a cafe in Toronto that serves a variety of their delicious blends. I'll be paying them a visit soon!
Note: If you truly want to appreciate coffee, skip the cream and sugar!

Macarons ($10)
Chocolate, Pistachio, Passion Fruit, Black Sesame, Raspberry, Hazelnut and Vanilla

Our waitress told us about their macaron special, 6 for $10, so we ordered some to finish off our delicious meal (she put in an extra macaron for us!). The macarons were very tasty and my favourite was their hazelnut. It would have been better if they were refrigerated before serving because the macarons were a bit too soft.
The perfect pair: mimosas and macarons!

Overall, we had a great experience trying Bosk's brunch menu from their outstanding food to their wonderful service. The total cost of our meal was $229.39 plus gratuity, which turned out to be an expensive brunch because of our mimosa craze lol! We will definitely come back again in the future, but probably take it easy on the mimosas! 

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