Name: 369 Shanghai Dim Sum Location: 8380 Kennedy Road, Markham Cuisine: Dim Sum Total Price: $63.34 We visited 369 Shanghai Dim S...

369 Shanghai Dim Sum

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Name: 369 Shanghai Dim Sum
Location: 8380 Kennedy Road, Markham
Cuisine: Dim Sum
Total Price: $63.34

We visited 369 Shanghai Dim Sum for lunch two weeks ago because we were craving Xiao Long Bao, also known as soup dumplings. We wanted to try out a new restaurant to see if there were other good places to eat soup dumplings other than Ding Tai Fung. The restaurant was located within a large plaza filled with many other restaurants and stores, which made it a bit difficult to find the place. 

Once we found the restaurant and were seated, we got two orders of soup dumplings, one order of steamed shrimp dumplings, stir-fried Chinese broccoli, noodle with spicy peanut sauce, sizzling beef tenderloin, one steamed rice, and two drinks. 

Soup Dumplings 2 orders ($11.90)
The soup dumplings were small, but they tasted pretty good. We were hoping that the skin of the dumplings would be thinner and that there would be more soup inside, but unfortunately we didn't get that.

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings ($6.95)
The steamed shrimp dumplings were also good, but they were a little on the dry side. 

Stir-fried Chinese Broccoli ($9.50)
Chinese broccoli always tastes good no matter which Chinese restaurant you order from. The broccoli had a nice crunch and the leaves soaked up the garlic sauce nicely.

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin ($14.25)
The beef tenderloin came out very hot and sizzling on the stone plate. This was our favourite dish because the meat was very tender and the pepper sauce on the beef added a nice spicy kick.

Noodle with Spicy Peanut Sauce ($6.75)
It was our first time trying the noodle with spicy peanut sauce and we thought it tasted interesting, but good. The broth had a milky consistency with peanut flavour and the noodles absorbed the flavours of the broth. This noodle soup is a heavy dish for one person, so it's probably best to share this among two people.

Iced Lemon Tea ($2.75)

Coke ($1.95)

Overall, everything we ordered came out fresh and tasted good, and we also experienced great service from the servers. I don't think we'll be coming back for their soup dumplings, but definitely for their sizzling beef tenderloin!

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