Name:  Toreore 또래오래 Location:  Ilsan, Korea Cuisine:  Korean Price:   ₩  30,000 양념치킨 Yangnyeom chicken is Korean-style fried c...

Toreore (Korean Fried Chicken) 또래오래

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Name: Toreore 또래오래
Location: Ilsan, Korea
Cuisine: Korean
Price:  30,000

양념치킨 Yangnyeom chicken is Korean-style fried chicken that is served plain or dressed in a spicy red pepper sauce. Many people like to refer to this chicken as KFC, Korean Fried Chicken. In Korea, you can order yangnyeom chicken for delivery which comes very fast and piping hot!

My boyfriend and I went to Korea this past December 2014 for a 2 week vacation and stayed at his house in Ilsan. Upon arrival, it was without a doubt that we ordered yangnyeom chicken for our first meal! We ordered two chickens, one plain and one with the spicy sauce, along with a bottle of coke from 또래오래 Toreore. The delivery guy came in 25 minutes and the total cost was  30,000 (~$30 CAD) and no tip! Side note, tipping in Korea is not common and I've heard stories that some people would get offended if you offered them tip. Our meal came with a side of pickled radish and a packet of honey mustard sauce for the plain chicken. The chicken was so hot + fresh and the breading was super crispy. The spicy chicken was a little bit too spicy for me but that didn't stop me from eating more! Yangnyeom chicken is definitely a meal to order if you're visiting Korea because the flavour is completely different than the Korean fried chicken in Toronto.

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