Name: Reds Wine Tavern Location: 77 Adelaide St W, Toronto Website: Total Price: $61 Recommend:  Ye...

Reds Wine Tavern

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Name: Reds Wine Tavern
Location: 77 Adelaide St W, Toronto
Total Price: $61
Recommend: Yes

Reds Wine Tavern is a great place to enjoy wine with friends or with a significant other for date night. The interior design has a tavern theme of wood and leather throughout the place, making the place look trendy yet elegant at the same time. I came here with my boyfriend on a Saturday night after dinner and the place was almost empty which we didn't mind because the atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable. We ordered two glasses red wine and a small cheeseboard of Brie and Mountainoak Truffle cheese. The Brie had a delicious creamy texture that spread over the toast smoothly, and the Mountainoak had a pungent taste that was very delightful. 

Really empty for a regular Saturday night, but no complaints here!

Merlot 9 oz. ($20) and Pinot Noir 9 oz. ($22). The drinks were presented in 9 oz. wine carafes.

Cheeseboard: Brie ($6) and Mountainoak Truffle cheese ($6). Served with slices of cranberry filled toast and a fruit compote.

A lovely display of wine bottles that went up to the second floor.

We enjoyed our time here because it was a lot different than other taverns/bars we've been to and it was a nice escape from a busy crowd. I am planning on visiting Reds Wine Tavern soon to try out their food for dinner and, of course, to eat more delicious cheese! I recommend this place to all wine and cheese lovers in Toronto! 

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  1. To read your story of Reds Wine Tavern I am very surprised. I will take a decision for coming there for spending a awesome moment with my girl friend.