Name: Jang Hang Garden 장항가든  Location: Ilsan, Korea Cuisine: Korean Phone: 031)903-4667 Total Price:   ₩  143,180 ( ₩  3,1...

Jang Hang Garden 장항가든

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Name: Jang Hang Garden 장항가든 
Location: Ilsan, Korea
Cuisine: Korean
Phone: 031)903-4667
Total Price: ₩ 143,180 (₩ 3,180 for service incl.); around $158.42 CAD

On our second day in Korea, we decided to search for a good BBQ restaurant to eat delicious han-u beef for lunch. Han-u 한우 is a type of cattle raised in Korea and they are known to be Korea's high-quality premium beef with beautiful marbling, and it is considered to be more expensive than other types of beef in the country. When we visited Korea last year, I had tried han-u beef for the first time and I instantly fell in love. Never have I ever tried beef that tasted so amazing and out of this world, so therefore it was a must-have on our second trip. We did some research and found a local restaurant in Ilsan called Jang Hang Garden that served han-u beef for BBQ and judging by the pictures we knew it would be a great place to eat. 

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we saw a big display of all the fresh han-u beef inside a cooler, allowing us to pick and choose what we wanted to eat. 

The restaurant was very clean and they had two seating areas on either side, a traditional floor seating area with low tables on a raised heated platform, and the standard chair seating area. 

Han-u Top-blade Steak 한우 부채살 ( 38,530) and Han-u Flank Steak 한우 치마살 ( 33,260). Our first order consisted of two different parts of han-u beef and they were presented beautifully on a big plate.

They brought out a wide variety of different side dishes including salad, cold noodle coleslaw with wasabi dressing, kimchi, radish kimchi, mashed potatoes, green chili peppers, pickled cabbage, lettuce to use as a wrap for the meat, Korean lettuce salad - sangchu geotjeori, and thinly sliced onions marinated in sauce.

Our server took care of the meat by grilling it for us and constantly checking back on the meat, leaving us to do no work except eat!

He would move the meat (half-cooked) to the bottom section of the grill where there was less heat, so that the meat could slowly cook until was ready.

You can't see the expression on my face, but I was very excited to eat!! =)

The top-blade steak and the flank steak had different tastes and both were incredible. As soon as you bite into the meat, you can feel the soft and chewy texture bursting in juicy flavours from all the marbling. You don't even need to add any salt because the meat alone is so flavourful and delicious.

Han-u Brisket thinly sliced 한우 차돌박이 (₩ 10,320), Han-u Top-blade Steak 한우 부채살 ( 23,400) and Han-u Flank Steak 한우 치마살 ( 28,500). We couldn't stop eating so we ordered the exact same thing as our first order and added one order of the thinly sliced han-u brisket! Yes please!

The han-u brisket was very delicate and cooked extremely fast. The texture was more chewier because of the layers of fat, making the meat extremely tasty. The flavour is hard to describe but it sort of reminded me of a mild-flavoured fish in a way. All I can say is that it was so good!

Soybean Paste Stew with Han-u Brisket 차돌된장찌개 (₩ 6,000). We ordered soybean paste stew, doenjang jjigae, which had the han-u brisket inside. They served this at the end of our meal with two bowls of rice. Perfect ending to our amazing meal!

When visiting Korea, it is without a doubt that you eat han-u beef BBQ at least once if not more! Jang Hang Garden offers a wide selection of different cuts of han-u beef and the best part is that they do all the grilling for you so that you can relax and enjoy your meal. So if you're ever in Ilsan, please check out this restaurant and give your taste buds an experience it'll never forget!!

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