Name: The Burger's Priest Location: 7887 Weston Road, Woodbridge Website: Recommend:  Yes A ...

The Burger's Priest

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Name: The Burger's Priest
Location: 7887 Weston Road, Woodbridge
Recommend: Yes

A highly raved and considered one of Toronto's best burger joint is The Burger's Priest. They are known to offer freshly ground premium beef that are cooked on a flat top griddle. Vegetarians can enjoy The Option which is a portobello mushroom burger filled with delicious melted cheese that oozes out when you bite in! 

I've always wanted to try The Burger's Priest for years but never got the chance because Yonge and Eglinton was out of the way for me. One day my mom and I were driving up on Weston when my mom pointed out the restaurant asking if that was the popular burger joint she's been hearing about. With disbelief, I drove into the plaza to confirm what she saw and it was indeed Burger's Priest! They weren't open when we got there, so we decided to come back in a few hours to have lunch.

I ordered The Priest which is the regular cheeseburger + The Option burger, along with regular fries and a drink to share, and my mom ordered The Option burger. I loved the simplicity of the patty and how it wasn't not over seasoned because I was able to taste the freshness of the beef. The portobello mushroom with the cheese was amazing! My mom enjoyed her burger as well but wished she had ordered The Priest after trying mine. 

Look at that cheese! The crunch on the outside and the roasted portobello meat with melted cheese on the inside really explodes of flavour in your mouth. Every single bite will leave you wanting more.

On a separate occasion, I ordered the same burger but instead got the Chili Cheese fries. They topped the fries with their chili and loads of cheese, which was melted to perfection.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at The Burger's Priest and would consider it my favourite burger joint in Toronto so far (I have yet to try others). I am definitely coming back for more!

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