Name: Ki Modern Japanese + Bar Location: 181 Bay Street, Toronto Cuisine: Contemporary Japanese Total Price: $174.59 (not incl. tip)...

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

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Name: Ki Modern Japanese + Bar
Location: 181 Bay Street, Toronto
Cuisine: Contemporary Japanese
Total Price: $174.59 (not incl. tip)

This past summer, I had the chance to visit Ki Modern Japanese + Bar for dinner located in the Financial District of Toronto. I was excited to try this restaurant after hearing great reviews from friends about the taste and quality of their food. From the exterior to the interior of the restaurant, the place was beautifully designed with a peaceful atmosphere in the dining area. Our waitress was very attentive and made sure we had a pleasurable dining experience. Their menu was designed for sharing among friends and so we ordered a variety of dishes to try out.

The Tomi Hoax Cocktail ($13)

Bistro Shrimp with spicy wasabi-garlic cream dip ($17). The Bistro Shrimp came out hot and fresh, and had the perfect amount of batter. Usually other Japanese restaurants coat the batter really thick, making the tempura greasy, but this wasn't the case at Ki.

Grilled Beef Striploin Tataki with spicy seasame dressing + milk garlic chips ($16). From their Ki Signature Plates we ordered the Grilled Beef Striploin Tataki and the Tai with Truffle Oil, which was suggested by the waitress. The Tataki was slightly grilled around the edges and thinly sliced. The texture was nice and soft, almost melting in our mouths! The milk garlic chips tasted wonderful with the Tataki. So goood!

Tai with Truffle Oil + Cranberry Ponzu ($14). The Tai, sea bream, was beautifully presented and tasted very fresh with the Cranberry Ponzu. These two dishes are definitely a must-have when visiting Ki!

Maguro ($11) Bigeye Tuna. 
Hamachi ($13) Yellowtail.
Mutsu ($11) Butterfish.
All sashimi were additional $3 per order from the menu. The sashimi we ordered included Hamachi yellowtail, Mutsu butterfish and Maguro bigeye tuna. Each order came out with 4 large pieces, enough for two people to share. The sashimi was definitely high quality and it was extremely tasty!

Lobster ($20). Chilled rock lobster, tamago, mango, cucumber + avocado. 
Ki Beef Maki ($16). Teriyaki-glazed Canadian AAA striploin, sweet potato tempera + asparagus. 
Spicy Tuna ($15). Bigeye tuna, green pepper, spicy mayo + crispy leeks.
From the Classic and Ki Modern Makimonos, we ordered Spicy Tuna, Lobster and Ki Beef Maki, 6 rolls each order. The Spicy Tuna was very delicious and came out with a little extra tuna on top as decoration. The Lobster rolls were something we've never tried before and they were amazing! It had big pieces of lobster inside with mango, cucumber & avocado, wrapped in tamago. And the Ki Beef Maki was full of bold flavours from the beef, sweet potato and asparagus.

Ki is a great place if you want to try an upscale Japanese fusion restaurant for casual dining with friends or for a special occasion. Their menu is quite pricey but it's worth it for the quality of food you're getting! Overall, we had a great experience at Ki and will definitely be coming back in the future to try out other great dishes!

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