Name: Jacob's & Co Steakhouse Location: 12 Brant Street, Toronto Total Price:  ~$250 Jacob's & Co Steakhouse is consi...

Jacob's & Co Steakhouse

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Name: Jacob's & Co Steakhouse
Location: 12 Brant Street, Toronto
Total Price: ~$250

Jacob's & Co Steakhouse is considered one of the best steakhouses in Toronto and last year I had the pleasure of dining at this highly raved restaurant. Although the menu has changed within the past year, I wanted to share my experience and personal opinions. The appetizers we ordered are still on the menu and I have provided the description and price below. As for the mains and side dish, I was unable to find the exact dish/description on the menu.

The interior of this restaurant was very modern and spacious. The bar area was on the main floor and the eating area was located upstairs. After ordering from the menu, we were given freshly baked Yorkshire Pudding to start off with. For starters, we ordered the Beef Tartar and Jacobs Caesar Salad which was prepared table side. The appetizers were presented really nice and clean, and portion sizes were big enough for two people to share. The Beef Tartar was perfectly seasoned, enhancing the flavours of the beef. The Caesar salad was very delicious and probably the best Caesar salad we've ever tasted!

After our appetizers, we were given a variety of different sauces and salts to try with our steaks. We ordered a Ribeye and a Wagyu California cut striploin. I don't recall how the ribeye tasted, but as for my Wagyu striploin, it was superb! The thin layers of fat within the steak brought out incredible flavours, making you chew slowly to enjoy every bite! We didn't need to use any of the sauces/salts because the steaks itself were flavoured enough. I don't remember the exact prices, but the Ribeye was around $55+ and the Wagyu striploin was a lot more expensive around $90+. For our side we ordered a hash brown dish (no longer on their menu) which we couldn't finish because it was quite heavy. It tasted really good, but we wished we had gone with a vegetable to balance out our steak. After paying the bill, we were given two muffins packaged nicely to take home. Great way to end our delicious dinner!

Yorkshire Pudding

Beef Tartare ($24) Anchovy, caper, egg yolk, truffle oil

Jacobs Caesar Salad ($18) Prepared table side

Sauces for the steaks

Assortment of salt

Ribeye Steak

Wagyu California Cut Striploin

Hash Brown (no longer on menu)

Overall, I agree that Jacob's & Co is one of the best steakhouses in Toronto! Jacobs is pretty expensive but you're guaranteed the best quality meats cooked perfectly to your liking. They're also very generous with their portion sizes in their appetizers and their sides. This restaurant is definitely worth the visit and the money, you won't be disappointed!!

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