Name: The Boiling Harbour Location:  3175 Rutherford Rd #17, Vaughan Cuisine: Seafood Website: ...

The Boiling Harbour [EVENT]

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Name: The Boiling Harbour
Location: 3175 Rutherford Rd #17, Vaughan
Cuisine: Seafood
Rating: 5/5

Seafood boils have been the craze over the past several months after it was first introduced in Toronto, and now a few other restaurants have launched around the GTA offtering similar menu items.

One area where you wouldn't expect a seafood boil to open is in Vaughan, Ontario. Many restaurants prefer to open in other surrounding areas, so it was a surprise to see a new exciting restaurant open close to home! With that said, The Boiling Harbour is the first seafood boil to open it's doors in Vaughan. It's about time Vaughan started receiving more love!

I first learned about The Boiling Harbour after I received an invite to their pre-launch media tasting event hosted by CraveThe6ix and Jenny (itsjenyu) from Instagram. Situated in a plaza outside of Vaughan Mills, The Boiling Harbour was tucked away in a corner which could be hard to spot. The exterior of the restaurant looked quite small, but don't be fooled by the entrance. Upon entering, you could see how spacious the restaurant was, with many seating throughout the place. They also had an outdoor patio located at the back of the restaurant.

The Boiling Harbour's interior had a wooden theme throughout the restaurant to make you feel like you were dining at a harbour. They even had their logo custom designed on three surfboards for decor at the front of the restaurant. 

Other fun decor included a stack of wooden lobster traps also near the entrance.

The bar area was created using an actual boat that had been cut in half and designed to fit a functioning bar. How cool is that?!

Welcoming all the foodies!

Lobster Mac & Cheese Balls

The first course of the night was a Lobster Mac & Cheese ball. This was amazing! The outer crust had a wonderful crispy texture, and the macaroni on the inside was very creamy and flavourful. This dish is a must-have!


Next up was their gumbo. We weren't expecting a large portion but they were very generous to give us each a big bowl. The gumbo was packed with a lot of meat, shrimp and bold flavours! I liked the complexity of all the different spices making the stew very hearty and delicious.

Loaded Lobster Fries 
A whole lobster boiled and quickly deep fried, tossed in a garlic butter sauce & 
drizzled with a delicious garlic aioli. Served on Cajun fries.

We were all surprised to receive a full basket of their Loaded Lobster Fries. Each basket contained a whole lobster with fries and a cabbage salad. The lobster meat pulled away from the shell effortlessly and was extremely juicy, and the garlic butter sauce + garlic aioli really flavoured the lobster nicely without overpowering the meat. And for the Cajun fries, they tasted incredible! I couldn't stop eating them!

My lobster basket - Yum!

Juicy piece of lobster (Hand model: Devon (foodsoftoronto)

Seafood Boil

Each table received bags of king crab legs, shrimp and mussels cooked in their Harbour sauce with medium heat. The Harbour sauce had some garlic and Cajun flavours which tasted great with the seafood. The mussels and shrimp were large and meaty, and the king crab legs were very succulent. From the boil, my favourite would have to be their shrimp.

Lobster Boil

Feel free to sign around their graffiti! 

Look for my name when you visit!

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at The Boiling Harbour's tasting event. I enjoyed all the food so much that I went back with my boyfriend and my mom to feast on their loaded lobsters and shrimp & mussels boil! Even the second time around, their food came out just as delicious as the first time which shows that they put a lot of effort into every dish that they serve. Although their menu items can become quite pricey once you order a bunch of dishes, I personally think it's worth it because of the quality and taste of their seafood. Come out to Vaughan and check them out!

[Although the dishes provided at the event were complimentary, all opinions are my own and not the views of the restaurant. The second time I visited the restaurant, we paid for everything in full.]

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