Name: Nanashake Location:  4750 Yonge St #134, North York Cuisine: Vegan, Soft Serve Website: Rating: 4/5 Ice ...


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Name: Nanashake
Location: 4750 Yonge St #134, North York
Cuisine: Vegan, Soft Serve
Rating: 4/5

Ice cream shops have been popping up all across Toronto, adding their own unique style to the standard ice cream on a cone. One store that set themselves apart from the rest is Nanashake. They offer 100% vegan frozen desserts using plant-based ingredients, giving you not only a tasty treat but a delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream.

Nanashake currently offers 7 different flavours for their soft serve including Strawberry Funshine, Chocolate Delight, Spiced Date, and more. They also sell Nanapops, which are frozen popsicles, with more than 15 flavours to choose from. Their main ingredient to make these delectable treats are organic bananas that are frozen and then blended to create a smooth and creamy dessert!

Strawberry Funshine

I ordered the Strawberry Funshine which came in an incredibly cute cup! The soft serve had a nice creamy texture that was also firm at the same time. I loved how the sweetness was subtle and that I could taste all the natural flavours from the banana and strawberries. After finishing the entire cup, I felt refreshed and it didn't leave a heavy feeling as ice cream would.

Strawberry Nanapop

Kevin wanted to try the Strawberry Nanapop which he really enjoyed. He also mentioned how clean and healthy it tasted without all the artificial flavourings you would get from other frozen desserts. From someone who loves his strawberry dairy ice creams, he gave this a high rating!

If you're in the North York area, I suggest you try Nanashake for yourself because not only is it very delicious, it's a healthy dessert that will leave you feeling great and satisfied!

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