Name: Lee Nam Jang Location:  4846 Yonge St, NorthYork Cuisine: Korean Rating: 4/5 Whenever I'm craving for a soup that is warm ...

Lee Nam Jang

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Name: Lee Nam Jang
Location: 4846 Yonge St, NorthYork
Cuisine: Korean
Rating: 4/5

Whenever I'm craving for a soup that is warm and comforting, I like having Korean beef bone soup or oxtail soup. One restaurant in Toronto that makes them the best is Lee Nam Jang. They're known for their wide variety of soups and stews, but they also offer a great selection of meat and noodle dishes.

Last Friday the weather was fairly warm, but we had a lot of gusty winds throughout the city which made me want Korean-style comfort food.

Oxtail Soup (Gomtang) 한방꼬리곰탕 ($16.95)

Gomtang is a traditional Korean soup that requires an extensive amount of time to boil all the meat and bones to get a rich and flavourful broth. The restaurant provides you with salt, pepper and green onions for you to season the soup to your liking. 

I usually season the soup with salt and lots of green onions. I also like to mix my rice into the soup so that the rice can soak up all the flavours. The broth was very hearty and the oxtail meat was very tender and soft. This meal totally hit the spot!

Bibim Naengmyeon 비빔냉면

Kevin, on the other hand, decided to go for something more refreshing like bibim naengmyeon. Bibim naengmyeon is a cold noodle dish topped with a spicy sauce, slices of picked daikon, cucumber, beef and half a boiled egg. Many people in the summer enjoy eating bibim naengmyeon or mul naengmyeon because it's the most refreshing meal to cool you down in the heat.

Kevin ordered the naengmyeon combo that came with LA galbi. He said that the naengmyeon tasted okay and nothing special, but he enjoyed the galbi which was very flavourful and tender.

I would definitely recommend Lee Nam Jang for their beef bone or oxtail soups because they make them the best in Toronto and it's the perfect comfort food on a gloomy, windy or cold day.

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