Name: Ono Seafood Location:  747 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu Cuisine: Hawaiian, Seafood Rating: 5/5 Before going to Hawaii I never kne...

Ono Seafood

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Name: Ono Seafood
Location: 747 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu
Cuisine: Hawaiian, Seafood
Rating: 5/5

Before going to Hawaii I never knew what poke was, but after researching top restaurants in Oahu I stumbled across Ono Seafood and saw how everyone was raving about their poke. After reading about this popular dish, I made it my mission to try out Ono Seafood to see what all the hype was about.

The restaurant is a casual grab-and-go joint with a small seating area right outside. They specialize in ahi and tako bowls that comes with white or brown rice. All poke bowls comes with a free drink (water, pop or juice) which is an awesome deal considering that their bowls start at around $7.

 I liked how their menu was very straight forward and easy to order, making the line move by quickly.

 Shoyu Ahi
Savory secret shoyu, green & white onion,
limu, kukui, chili pepper and sesame oil

Right away I could taste how fresh the ahi was. It was firm yet tender at the same time, and the sauce really soaked through the ahi. The shoyu sauce that marinated the ahi was savory and not salty at all. It went perfectly with the white rice!

Spicy Ahi
Creamy mayo sauce, tobiko,
ginger, green & white onion
This was our favourite! The creamy mayo sauce was light which didn't overpower the taste of the ahi, and it had the right amount of spiciness. We were both blown away at how delicious this poke was! Definitely a must-have!
Hawaiian Sun
Passion Orange

Our meal at Ono Seafood was probably our favourite and most memorable restaurant out of all the places we tried. We were so glad to have discovered this amazing dish. My only regret is not going back for more poke before we left Oahu! We will be back for more next time.

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