Name: Myung Ga Korean Restaurant Location: 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Cuisine: Korean Website:   http://www.myung...

Myung Ga Korean Restaurant

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Name: Myung Ga Korean Restaurant
Location: 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Cuisine: Korean
Price: $1,877 HKD

Myung Ga is a Korean franchise restaurant in Hong Kong providing locals with authentic Korean cuisine. This restaurant specializes in tabletop cooking and offers a variety of different kinds of meats and seafood choices. Diners can also choose from a wide selection of other Korean dishes including stews, rice and noodles. For a party of 5, we ordered two types of meat to BBQ, kimchijeon ($128), japchae ($138), soondubu jjigae ($128), doenjang jjigae ($128), fried kimchi + pork ($198) and a bottle of Chamisul soju ($80) + Hite beer. We each received two small bowls, one filled with sesame oil and the other with a packet of pink salt, which is used to flavour the meat. As any other Korean restaurant, they provided us with several mini side dishes to eat with our meal.

Hite Beer ($40 HKD each)
Refreshing Korean beer that goes great with Korean BBQ.

2 Saeng Samgyupsal - Premium Fresh Pork Belly ($356 HKD)
The samgyupsal was thick and very juicy!

Fried Kimchi + Pork and Tofu ($198 HKD)
For those who enjoy spicy food, you will love this dish. They fry together the kimchi and pork and serve it with tofu which is great to balance out the spiciness. This is very delicious and great to share among friends.

2 Marinated Beef Short Rib ($386 HKD)
The short rib came in thin slices and it tasted pretty good considering we just came from Korea and had their Hanu beef.

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew ($128 HKD)
The soondubu jjigae and doenjang jjigae came out last after we finished out meat, which is usually how it's done at a Korean restaurant. The soondubu jjigae was a perfect finish to our meal.

It was a nice experience trying Korean food in Hong Kong since it was my first time vacationing there. The restaurant reminded me of dining at a Korean restaurant in Toronto with authentic Korean flavours. I recommend this restaurant to those looking for delicious Korean food because there are many great choices on the menu from BBQ to rice and noodle dishes.

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