Name:  Yet Gol To Sung 옛골토성 Location: Seoul Website: If you're looking for a delicious duck barbecue re...

Yet Gol To Sung 옛골토성

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Name: Yet Gol To Sung 옛골토성
Location: Seoul

If you're looking for a delicious duck barbecue restaurant in Seoul, Yet Gol To Sung 옛골토성 is the place for you! This restaurant is a popular barbecue chain that specializes in serving duck that has been slowly roasting in a large rotisserie built outside the restaurant. Not only do they serve duck, they offer a variety of other meat such as pork belly "samgyupsal", ribs, sausages and much more.

Kevin's aunt had invited us to dinner at Yet Gol To Sung to experience the delicious taste of Korean style duck barbecue. I wasn't really looking forward to the meal because I usually don't eat duck meat unless it's Peking Duck at a Chinese restaurant, which we rarely go to eat. We ordered a combo for 4 people which included smoked duck, samgyupsal and ribs; we also ordered a side of haemul pajeon 해물 파전 which is a seafood and spring onion pancake; and we ordered rice wrapped in lotus leaf and ugeoji doenjang guk 우거지된장국 which is nappa cabbage soybean paste soup.

They brought out a variety of side dishes and dipping sauces to eat with our meat.

Haemul Pajeon 해물 파전
Haemul Pajeon is a Korean style pancake that contains seafood and spring onions and is served with a soy sauce based dipping sauce. This tasted very delicious and it had a nice crispy texture. 

Smoked duck 오리훈제, Samgyupsal 삼겹살 and Ribs.
All the meat came out at once and was placed on the grill to reheat. I believe that the samgyupsal and ribs were also smoked ahead of time because they came out cooked. Kevin's aunt showed me how to eat the duck by dipping the smoked duck meat into the sauce they provided, placing it in a piece of nappa cabbage with a spicy green pepper and wrapping it. As soon as I tried it, I fell in love! The smoked duck was so tender and juicy with a great smokey taste that elevated the flavours of the meat. The combination of the sauce, cabbage and pepper was absolutely wonderful. The samgyupsal and ribs were just as delicious, but the smoked duck turned out to be my absolute favourite of the night.

Rice wrapped in lotus leaf 연잎밥
After finishing our meat, they brought out our rice dish which we shared among 4 of us. The rice contained beans, chestnuts and dates, which tasted clean and healthy.

Ugeoji Doenjang Guk 우거지된장국. Nappa cabbage soybean paste soup.
We also shared the ugeoji doenjang guk that came out with the rice. I enjoyed the broth and I loved how soft the nappa cabbage was.

Overall, we all enjoyed our meal very much and now it has made me love duck meat! This restaurant is definitely going on my list of places to eat whenever I visit Korea.

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