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Tai Hing

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Name: Tai Hing
Location: Hong Kong

When we were planning out trip to Korea in December, Kevin made plans for us to visit Hong Kong during our trip so that we could make the most out of our vacation. Kevin grew up in Hong Kong since he was 4 up until the age of 17 when he moved to Toronto for University, and so he wanted to meet all his high school friends and show me around since I've never been to Hong Kong before. We were both very excited for this trip because I've heard so many great things about Hong Kong, from the delicious food to the beautiful scenery. 

We arrived in Hong Kong during the afternoon and went straight to Kevin's friend's house where we stayed for our entire trip of 4 days. The weather was amazing and you can smell the ocean in the air. Korea was extremely cold during that time so it was nice transitioning into warmer weather. After dropping off our things, we went to Tai Hing restaurant where we met several of Kevin's high school friends and ate Char Siu, something that Kevin was dying to eat for a long time. 

The interior of the restaurant was very bright and clean.

They offered a wide selection of different dishes to choose from.

Char Siu with Rice and Yu Choy
The BBQ pork was so tender and juicy! It tasted very different from what I've been used to eating in Toronto. 

One of Kevin's friend ordered this for us to try, which tasted like a soft sweet doughnut. Very delicious!

He also ordered us this toast with a sweet butter sauce which tasted great.

Rice Noodles with Beef in Swiss Sauce
I absolutely love rice noodles with beef so this dish was obviously really delicious. I've never tried Swiss Sauce before but it reminded me of black bean sauce with a sweeter flavour.

Overall, this restaurant had great food and the service was really fast. I highly recommend all the above dishes if you ever get a chance to visit Hong Kong and are looking for a restaurant with delicious BBQ meats.

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