Name: Harbour Sixty Steakhouse Location: 60 Harbour Street, Toronto Cuisine: Steakhouse Total Price: $208 (+ 2 wine glasses and...

Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

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Name: Harbour Sixty Steakhouse
Location: 60 Harbour Street, Toronto
Cuisine: Steakhouse
Total Price: $208 (+ 2 wine glasses and tax)
Recommend: No

Last year my boyfriend and I dined at Harbour Sixty for Valentines Day after reading many great reviews online. We made reservations for a Saturday night assuming that the restaurant would be busy, but when we arrived the place was quite empty. The interior design of the restaurant looked very luxurious and sophisticated, giving an elegant and romantic atmosphere for couples. We were seated at the inner end of the dining area close to other guests, probably to condense the space. For our appetizers, we ordered Calamari and Ahi Tuna Tartar. For our mains, we both ordered Filet Mignon with Mashed Potatoes and Broccolini on the side to share. And for our drinks, we ordered a glass of wine each. We were expecting high quality food based on the reviews and the price for everything we ordered, but we were in for a surprise.

Classy interior design in the dining area.

Bread served with butter and a side of olives, pickled peppers and feta cheese.

Calamari ($22). Spicy Buttermilk Fried Calamari with Sea Salt and Lemon Aioli. 
After placing our orders, the waiter came back in less than 5 minutes with the Calamari. We were surprised at how fast it came out because usually it should take at least 15 minutes to freshly prepare a new batch, especially at a high-end restaurant. The calamari wasn't hot, fresh or crispy. The texture was more on the soggy side, as if the calamari was sitting out and just reheated. There is without a doubt that the dish was pre-made and possibly sitting under a heating lamp. Definitely a bad start to our meal.

Ahi Tuna Tartar ($44). Avocado with Crispy Radish and Asian Micro Greens.
Another terrible dish, worse than the calamari for sure. The Ahi Tuna was warm and the flavours of the sauce were just bad. At this point, we were extremely disappointed at the quality of the food we were served.

Filet Mignon 10 oz. ($58), Mashed Potato ($12) and Broccolini ($14).
Now for the Filet Mignon, we both ordered our steaks medium rare and the outer edges were fine but the center of the steak was too raw for us, and the outside of the steak was really dry and overcooked. One thing I noticed when eating my steak was that I tasted a lot of curry flavour. I'm not sure if the steak was meant to have a curry taste, but I definitely tasted it and it wasn't pleasant at all. No steak should be served with curry flavour unless it was stated directly on the menu.

Overall, we had a terrible dining experience at Harbour Sixty and we couldn't understand how this restaurant received many great reviews. Either the chef on duty was severely slacking that day or that this is the norm for the restaurant. We've been to several high-end restaurants and never have we experienced such distasteful food, especially the extra added curry flavour on the steak. It's extremely unbelievable at how much money we spent on poor quality food. I don't recommend this restaurant to anybody considering it because there are tons of steakhouses, such as Jacobs & Co Steakhouse, that offer top quality food at almost the same price.

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