Name: Caffe Pascucci Location: Yeouido, Seoul Website: Total Price:   ₩  13,000 No matter wh...

Caffe Pascucci

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Name: Caffe Pascucci
Location: Yeouido, Seoul
Total Price: ₩ 13,000

No matter where you go in Seoul, you will find many beautiful coffee shops offering a great selection of hot beverages and delicious desserts. Caffe Pascucci is one of those great places and its interior design is modern and sleek, giving customers a nice place to relax and enjoy their drinks. Caffe Pascucci is an Italian coffee shop chain that has several branches in South Korea and in other countries. This cafe is very large in space and it has a separate indoor seating area for smokers. Once an order is placed, the server gives the customer a pager that notifies them when their drink is ready. Most, if not all, coffee shops in Korea uses this paging system which is very efficient and allows customers to grab a seat while they wait for their order to come through. 

Original Drip Coffee (₩ 3,900). Aromatic coffee with nicely roasted coffee bean flavour.

Light Choco Mousse (₩ 5,200). Delicious cake with very rich and creamy textures. Perfect with the Original Drip Coffee.

Caffe Pascucci is surely a great coffee shop to hang out at for coffee and desserts. And in the summertime, customers can enjoy a refreshing cup of gelato along with their iced beverages.
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